Vision Board Workshop

Sunday, July 16 

cost: $25.00 (includes cork board)

How’s your vision? No silly, your LIFE vision! What are you trying to manifest? And how can you stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize? Vision boards are a fun and easy way to zero in on your goals. These visual collages serve as a tangible reminder of the life you want. The purpose is to bring everything on this board to life: we use pictures and words that best represent the life you want to lead, things you want to do, places you may want to go, relationships you want to cultivate…anything and everything! What you focus on expands. If you see it daily, you think about it, and as they say…’If you think so you shall be.’ Join Megan Eddy and Lori Mancini for a 90 minute workshop that will show you how to put a vision board together. If you don’t know what your goals are or are not sure what your actual vision is, we will do some exercises to help point you in the right direction!