I drive down to the beach because I need a balm for my soul. I need my soul space, the place that settles me and delivers me that inexplicable feeling of rightness. The warm salty breeze ruffles my hair in the same way it whips and froths the white caps on the water. The sand is almost unbearably hot as I walk to find a spot to sit among the crowd. As I settle into my beach chair, I turn my face to the warmth of the sun, and it kisses my cheeks and welcomes me back home. I can finally breathe.

Something shifts and dislodges when you settle into your soul space. Here, you can let go, breathe freely and be at peace. Landscape can sometimes influence soul space, and if you hang there long enough, the two become a reflection of each other.  For me, that place is the beach. The rhythmic ebb and flow of the ocean perfectly matches my shifting moods. It settles me, reminding me that nothing is permanent, and no matter how bad a situation, it will change.  A sincere thank you for the reminder, Mother Nature.

I have been in flux all summer. Personal stuff. Professional stuff. I felt like I had lost my way.  I have started writing a new blog post every week since May. That's 17 unfinished essays, if you were wondering.  All unpublished. My writing was stuck because I was stuck. I had lost touch with my faith and my spirit. 

So I sought out the beach and sat. Week after week. And I realized I had no control over the actions of other people and the ensuing fallout of said actions. After many tears and banging my head against a proverbial wall, I finally came to the conclusion that all I could control was MY reaction to it. Some people just...suck. Sometimes life isn't fair. And sometimes having peace is better than being right. Move on. THINK. Clear your head space, revisit your soul space and fill your soul.

And that changed everything. I got back to being me. I read the Morning Prayer from Illuminata every day. I wrote awkwardly each morning, feeling the comforting pull of habit.  On the beach, looking out over the horizon and feeling the strength of the rising tide, I whisper to the Universe that I am not a victim, I am a child of God. Thanks for the reminder, Seane.

This video, and so many of my spiritual readings this summer, rekindled my passion and changed my internal landscape. It reminded me of what I can and should do.

I want to be in the spirituality and imagination business.

I want to continue to hold space for an ever-growing community of like-minded people.

I want to remind people that if you fall ten times, you need to get up eleven.

I want to reassure people it's going to be ok, no matter what is happening.

Because sooner or later, the tide will turn


we learn to ride out the waves.