Opportunity is a funny thing. It can send you over the moon or kick you in the butt. 

So what do you do? Grab at it no matter what? Balk in indecision or fear and walk away? Or, do you mull it over, see if the opportunity is right for you, then decide? 

My usual M-O was to do the former. Leap, and the net will appear. Well, sometimes it didn't, and I spiraled in a free fall, frantically grasping at anything to break my fall. 

I perseverated into the wee hours of the morn over decisions that I should have thought out with my heart and soul, instead of out of fear of missing out or disappointing someone. Professionally. Personally. I was putting the best for others ahead of what was best for me. Thinking of others and never asking myself what I wanted or needed.  I found solace and twisted redemption by silently placing blame on circumstances or the opportunity itself. That didn't feel right either. So, I'd lay low for a bit, pull myself up by my bootstraps and then, well, suck it up and move on.  Soul singed but a bit wiser.

Hey, at least I tried.

Well....yes and no. Follow your gut. There's a reason an opportunity doesn't feel right. 

 You know what else I've realized?

Screw the ideas of fear and failure. 

I used to jokingly say that fear and failure were my best motivators. That is a sad statement and no way to live.  You need to take an opportunity for the right reasons. Sometimes you will succeed, and sometimes you won't. 


Live in integrity with an opportunity. Integrity is, according to Dr. Melody Moore, when what you feel, say, do and think are in alignment so you are less reactive. It is okay for an opportunity to come along that is not right for you. You are not obligated to take it. Conversely, If an opportunity arises and it feels right in your gut and Soul, go for it. 

I have tried this and it has blossomed in ways I could only dream about. Opportunities to teach workshops, assist for amazing local, national and international teachers, and integrate my writing into my yoga practice and classes. Exploring avenues in television work. Taking a leap of faith in myself and saying yes to a writing workshop in Taos (which, by the way, scares the bejeezus out of me in a really good way).  The right opportunities beget additional right opportunities. 

Fear is not a motivator, my Maverick friends, it is a liar and a trickster. It makes up stories. Faith, on the other hand, is your steady and true companion. 

Opportunity in integrity puts you in alignment.

You do You. 

For You.

And that's the best reason of all.