Kerri Walsh Jennings and I have a couple of things in common.

We are both tall.

We both live on the coasts of the US: Kerri on the west coast, me on the east. 

We are both Lululemon ambassadors.

She's a professional volleyball player who loves her sport. 

I am...not... but I  love sports. 

OK, so maybe we don't have a TON in common. But she recently said something that struck a chord:

She doesn't want to be perfect.


Me? I'm looking for progress, not perfection.


I preach it in my classes. A student wrote it on her mat. It's one of my mantras. Trying to achieve perfection is a total waste of time and energy. Perfection is elusive, usually unattainable and definitely not sustainable. 

It's much more interesting to look for the seemingly minute gains that creep up on you. A work task gets a little easier, a bike ride a little longer, a back-bend a bit bendier. It's about having the self-discipline to keep showing up in the world, every day,  and trying. 

I walked the Camino last year....156 miles in 9 days. Near the end, I saw this sign: 

I'm not here to get to the goal. 

I'm here to do every single step. 


Not perfection.

On point.