It's that time of year again. The time of year when my fellow television carnies and I hit the road for another basketball season. We crisscross the country like gypsies and, instead of brightly covered wagons, our modes of transportation are gray and drab planes, trains and automobiles. I'm currently wedged into a gray stifling tube flying from Memphis home. Travel can be weather-tedious these next couple of months.( Stay out of Philly!!)  And, there's no better way to pass the time than with a good podcast. Whether you want to learn, escape, or be spiritually piqued, it's a wonderful way to pass the time. Don't know where to start? I gotcha. I asked some of my fellow Mavericks what their favorite podcasts were, and compiled a list for you to peruse and enjoy. Without further adieu and in no particular order:

The RobCast

My go-to for a Spiritual fix and weekly sermon. My 'road church.' His biography says, Rob Bell is a former pastor. Once a pastor, always a pastor,  albeit a surfing one. Rob gives the best podcast sermons - it's always relevant to what's going on in the world and he can turn a phrase with the best of them. He is also an author, has toured with Oprah and, in 2011, Time Magazine named him one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. Take a listen and find out why. Love love love this.

Modern Love

Modern Love riffs off the popular New York Times column. With gloriously rich readings by celebrities and updates from the essayists themselves, you will fall in love at first listen. Seriously. 

Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin

Confession: I have always loved Alec Baldwin. But the road warrior cynic in me doubted his interviewing skills. Wrong-o.  Here’s The Thing is "a series of intimate and honest conversations with artists, policy makers and performers – to hear their stories, what inspires their creations, what decisions changed their careers, and what relationships influenced their work." You will feel like the ultimate eavesdropper, and be oh-so-happy you did. 


If you love investigative journalism, you will love this! Season 2 captivated me as it meticulously combed through the complicated story of Bowe Bergdahl, the Army soldier who deserted his post and was captured by the Taliban. Riveting.

Revisionist History

Author Malcolm Gladwell (who wrote Outliers and The Tipping Point) hosts a mesmerizing and quirky podcast that will leave you with many eyebrow-scrunching moments. Each episode begins with an inquiry about a person, event, or idea, and proceeds to question the received wisdom about the subject. If you like clever and no bullshit, this one's for you.

You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

I don't even know how to describe this one. Star of HBO's Crashing, Holmes interviews comics, athletes, singers and spiritual gurus. The conversations are in-depth and lengthy, covering everything from comedy to religion, spirituality and death, and - a personal favorite - the hardest time you ever laughed. If you only listen to one episode, PLEASE listen to his interview with Patrick Walsh. The Chicken.

You. Will. Cry.

 Recommendations that I have not yet listened to but definitely on my bucket list: 

Dirty John

Missing Richard Simmons

 Stay Tuned with Preet

CBS Eye on College Basketball


Please drop me a line and let me know if you have other suggestions to share. Comments always welcome!