15 miles to Santiago. 15.  

Meg, Tim, and I have walked more than 135 miles this past week, a feat I could have only imagined.  It truly is the little things that keep you going:  the sing song sounds of the Camino, the beautiful scenery, the fond memories of those who have passed (who you swear at times are walking with you) and the Ghosts you've carried with you for far too long and finally, tearfully,  release on a hillside. You leave parts of yourself as you walk the Camino, but you also fill your heart with new and unexpected experiences and people. 

And that, my friends, sounds about right. 


Travel (b) log riffs: 

if you think you can, you can. 

Everything sounds better and more doable In time increments. For example, 'just another hour' sounds way better than 2 miles. 

I so love street art. 

You're never too old to rock piggies and ponies

What is said and done on The Camino stays on the Camino.

Here, you can put 'walked the Camino' on your resume

Power naps are awesome. 

Urban dictionary read by Megan Eddy is brilliant.   

Why are farts funny? 

Corn nuts added to bar mix is a total salty winner. 




Another day in the books! 

Another day in the books! 



Every turn brings new and wondrous surprises

Every turn brings new and wondrous surprises