The Camino has been ringing with laughter these last few days. We're not talking giggles or snorting smiles. We're talking stop and bend over belly laughs. Pee your pants laughter. Meg's going to poop herself laughter.

Pilgrims laugh over anything and everything and it's all in good fun.  Weiner schnitzel is funny. 'Hello ladies...and I use that term loosely' is hilarious. 'Ointment' is side-splitting. The point is, everyone wants to laugh because it's our common language. It allows us to forget the hills, the sore feet, and  the stomach aches and unite in the joy of our journey. allows us to just be.  

Travel (b)log riffs:

never underestimate the importance of clean socks. 

if you poop on the Camino, is it considered a 'holy shit'? 

Turning a corner at the top of a hill in the middle of nowhere and finding Pedro and Manuel selling cold drinks ...priceless.

Our friend Tim's response to everything, no matter how crazy: 'Let's just see what happens '. 

Megan's response to everything: 'that sounds about right.' 

Crazy how certain smells bring you immediately back to another time and place. We walked through endless grape fields today and the smells reminded me of my grandfather's backyard where he had a grape arbor, cement table included. Grandpa Mancini would have smiled and approved. 

Free breakfast yay! Not being able to identify anything-boo!

its been 10 days of walking and No One has asked me what I do for a living. They just don't care. They are more interested in how you are doing, who you are voting for, and where you are from. They got it right.







That kind of day

That kind of day