Pilgrims from all over have been doggedly following yellow arrows en route to Santiago for Centuries. New Age pilgrims do the same, although we have added help: google maps. The  Camino arrows provide the way but Google maps confirm.  I'm not sure how the original Trekkers did it because some areas are not well marked. But with one 'pin drop', you can basically get yourself anywhere. 

We are saying goodbye to the beautiful ocean coastline and are now weaving through medieval streets as we edge closer to our final destination. Meg says the scenery becomes similar from here on out.

The journey supposedly turns inward and it now becomes about our internal landscape. 

We shall see. 


Travel (b)logging riffs: 

One of our favorite pilgrims used the German version of Ben Gay on his 'crown jewels' instead of his heat rash cream.

Limping 9 miles sucks. Having Meg drain the cause of your limp is disgustingly awesome.

Writing a blog on your iPhone is really hard, especially when you forget your glasses. And nothing saves properly. 

New Age Pilgrims order room service.

 All Antonios are amazing.

Finding a beautiful hotel without bedbugs 15 miles from the original booking is awesome. Taking a cab BACK 15 miles the next day so you do the whole Camino-priceless. (or really stupid)


Everyone here seems to be required to have two dogs: a large ferocious German Shepard and an equally ferocious chihuahua

That's what she said does not translate on the Camino

When a local tells you just one hill and smiles, don't believe them.

My girl Liza is biking the Camino as we walk. Her text this morn:

I'll be climbing for the next 3 hours + ... Will let you know when I make it to the top.  Gentle climb for 20km then steep for another 20km! 



Megan gets a cookie every 4 miles. Cookies matter

Riding a bike through the woods makes you instantly sexy

'Meat always'seems to be the European way. And while  they care about the lactose intolerant, basically it's fuck the vegetarians.

The best of both   

The best of both


Bad hare day

Bad hare day