'Travel. It leaves you speechless. Then turns you into a storyteller.'~ Ibn Batutta

We are starting in Porto, Portugal, Meg and I, a beautiful city carved into this rocky coastline. We are hiking the Camino, a mystical, magical pilgrimage to Santiago, Spain. The end point for us pilgrims is the Cathredral of Santiago, supposedly the apostle James' final resting place. 

I pray it is not mine as we are walking 150 miles in 10 days.

We are backpacking the coast of Portugal and zigzagging our way through Spain. Hundreds of thousands travel the Camino every year as a route to spiritual growth, searching for answers that only they know the question to.

Why am I doing it? Well...my friend Meg asked me to go with her. 

Silly Meg.

I'm not a hiker nor a backpacker, and I have no sense of direction. But I promised her laughter, easygoing company, and wine. I'm sure we will have good days and bad days; the good days will be good, and the bad days will be a good story. 

That's not the complete answer, although Meg did ask years ago and I impulsively said yes.  

 I need to be here, doing this pilgrimage., for reasons not presented yet. My maverick soul is being called here. This walk is going to be a prayer for me, and I'm going to listen really hard to see what is asked and what is answered. 

A lot of people think I'm crazy, and say this whole trip is for the birds. 



Birdman and his tweety

Birdman and his tweety

Crazy, maybe. But it's all about taking chances and conquering fears.


 'I'm afraid my voice won't reflect the symphony of my soul.'

We shall see. 




So we shall begin., finding the path that works best for us, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We will explore, Meg and I, journeying on a wing and a prayer, poking at shadows and basking in the light of this wonderful pilgrimage, and taking it all in, one step at a time.