‘Do Not Go Where The Path May Lead, Go Instead Where There is no Path and Leave a Trail.’  
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Trailblazing is hard. It is less about where we CHOOSE to go but rather where our soul is called. Sometimes we take a left turn instead of a right in order to get to our destination.  It takes courage, social courage, to be true to ourselves and  find the path that works best for us... mentally, physically, and spiritually. 



Maverick Soul will provide a forum that allows us to learn together and be a part of a collective that grows creatively and spiritually.  You can pick up this journey at any point... it's your path. Participants (Mavericks!) will thrive in an international community as they explore strengths and perceived weaknesses on a trail to individuality and greater consciousness.

Maverick Soul is a space to explore what its community is continually cultivating. What are your dreams? What are you inspired by? What do you yearn for? How do you cultivate a sustainable Spiritual practice? How do you stay motivated? How do you motivate others?


This is a positive, supportive environment. Forget the naysayers. The outside world will always contain people who will tell you that you’re not enough. Too old, too young, imperfect, inexperienced, not smart enough, or talented enough or pretty enough.

'I'm afraid my voice won't reflect the symphony of my soul.'


They’re wrong.

Let's start this journey together. NOW. 

Ya in?


Love big,