Banksy has always been one of my cult heroes.

He is an English based graffiti artist whose identity is not known. I was in London for the Olympics a few years back and went to one of his exhibits. By exhibits, I mean I ran around town looking for his graffiti, and then ended up waiting in a very long line at a gallery to 'meet' him. And by him, I mean whoever was hiding behind the bandito handkerchief covering half his face. He glided through a sea of whispers and awe, seemingly oblivious to the ripples of anticipation he was creating. 

Does it really matter if it was Banksy or not? No.

Why not? Because we see what we want to see.

We usually put on the face we want people to see, and let them create a story. It's all an illusion, a mask, as we work on the ultimate work of art: ourselves.  On the job. At home. On the mat. Off the mat.  Adaptive you vs. authentic you.

How does this happen, and why? According to psychotherapist Susan Gerfein, it’s because "We don’t believe our authentic self is good enough, smart enough, attractive enough, just … never enough. We adapt to please other people, and lose ourselves in the process."

So just STOP. Stop putting on the masks. 

It takes real courage to be who you are, to present you and represent you. Acceptance comes through nurturing, love and positive attention. Love is an inside job.

So, again … does it really matter if it was Banksy or not?

No. Whoever was behind the bandito mask simply proved that we can be whoever the hell we want to be. Hidden, or exposed, through our art.

Just like Banksy.