Sometimes everything

has to be

inscribed across

the heavens

so you can find

the one line

already written

inside you. 

~David Whyte

This is where we are today, in this world, a time where people are being called to action. To move when most everything seems stagnant. We need to listen to the whispers inside of us that ache for change. We need to be the change.

Your purpose, your work. What is calling you? How does the Power of Being of Service speak to you? 

Author Elizabeth Gilbert wrote a wonderful book called Big Magic.  She believes you can catch ideas that travel through the Universe looking to be realized. You have a choice: act upon them and bring them to fruition or let them go. Ms. Gilbert believes that ideas want to be caught and realized, and they will keep bouncing around the universe until they find their 'match.' 

My friend, Robyn Ivy, is a perfect example of this. Robyn is a gifted photographer known for capturing the essence of her subject. Her gift led her from one photo shoot to a second, life-changing one.



Dorian Murray. Age 8. Suffering from an untreatable form of pediatric cancer, and really pissed off that this photo shoot was taking so long.  Robyn met Dorian after a chance meeting with Dorian's Mom, Melissa. A friend had purchased a photo shoot to help lift Melissa's spirits and change her outlook. It also changed Robyn's, and led to a soul-shattering movement called Project 3.8 - named for the 3.8% of national funding given to pediatric cancer research. 

Robyn loved this photo of Dorian. So did the world. The photo capturing Dorian's attitude became the face of pediatric cancer and the DStrong Movement, a foundation in Dorian's name to help children with cancer.  But something was niggling Robyn. Too often, images of children with cancer are scenes from their hospital bed. Whispers told her there was another side of the story. What did their FIGHT look like?  How could she capture the way these children fought cancer, their level of acceptance, surrender, and grace,  AND help bring awareness? 

Using only a pair of boxing gloves as a prop, Robyn captured their Spirit by doing what she does best. 


James Green, age 17

James Green, age 17

19 portraits would soon come together, 20 including Dorian's, with Dorian being the only angel amongst them.  


Evangelina Hill, age 4

Evangelina Hill, age 4

The beautiful new face of an old fight. Strong, fierce, yet soft in their strength.  


Sebastian Calado, age 6

Sebastian Calado, age 6

"No one wants to talk about kids with's time to turn hope into real help." ~ Robyn Ivy
That's exactly what Project 3.8 did. This traveling exhibit raised awareness and funds for the Dorian j. Murray Foundation. And Robyn's fear of no one showing up? Totally unfounded. The crowds came. Night after night. So did many of the children in the portraits, to the absolute delight of their audience.  Robyn now wants to take the exhibit nationwide and photograph children in different states. 19 of them, with the 20th always being Dorian.
See what happens when you listen to the call of service?

When ideas sift through your soul, GRAB the one that touches your Spirit and run with it...

Be of service. now.