I feel unsettled, like I'm missing something. For me, it usually means change is coming. 


Maybe it's the change of seasons. Maybe it's the unnerving political climate. Or maybe it's just a shift within me, a crack that's starting to appear.
 You can hear the breaking in the 'In Between', those fleeting moments of just Being.  Cracks, groans, flashes of ideas. Moments that are far too fleeting and hard to hold onto.

The new basketball season is about to get underway, which means racing from airport to airport, site to site. Then home again. hOMe again. Two very different lives that get cobbled together and wedged between a personal life. Change the job description, insert yours...Sound familiar?

It's on those endless plane/train/car rides we begin to search for the meaning of the 'In Between.'

Desperately we furrow our brows as we try to hear harder, cling to fleeting thoughts as they come too quickly and sometimes imperceptibly. Or worse, we ignore them; It's easier to stuff them down as these moments are unnerving. It takes us out of our comfort zone and makes us feel like we are somehow losing control. 

We are not.

Listen. Start with an acknowledgement.

And then another one.

Let it roll around your brain for a bit and see how it intellectually feels.

And then, let your soul see how it feels.

Somewhere... where the head, heart and soul align... in the in between...the answer lies.

You break open, you make changes or you don't, and you continue.

 Until one day, the feeling of unsettledness creeps in again...